2020 Getting out of Calcutta

Those who looked at my trials and tribulations in India a few months back would know we flew out of Calcutta on Air Asia (an airline now struck off my “preferred suppliers” list) Having bought a few bits and pieces… Read More

2014 “Man Up” Article

2014 Another Prostate Cancer Awareness Trip around Queensland In 2010 Lang, Carl Neilsen and I did a trip around Queensland promoting Prostate Cancer awareness. This trip was prompted by the fact that Carl had had a good outcome following the … Read More

1992 Acushla Voyage

1992 Voyage of the Acushla  Written by Dan Daley Not long after I bought the Allen Hotel I bought this beautiful wooden boat, I got talked into a marina berth in Townsville marina because they were going cheap from the… Read More

1985 Collecting is Fun

Written by Lang 1985 when he and Mick Reynolds were living and working up in Bowen while in partnership in their marine construction business East Coast Marine There is a law in the North of Queensland which says “All old… Read More

1962 The Great Amphibious Expedition

1962  The Great Amphibious Expedition Just found the photos of the great amphibious expedition in 1962. This is the first truck I owned. 1939 British Army Morris “Desert Buggy” Pictures of me aged 14 with my mother, sister and dog… Read More