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Lang & Bev Kidby

Lang and Bev Kidby are one of Australia's better known husband and wife adventurer teams. For over 30 years they have organised and led significant expeditions in 40 countries around the world.

To read about their past adventures and follow the current trip click on Latest News".

Just a few of the adventures they have organised and led include:

First to Cape York by Austin 7
Lang and Bev recreated the first car journey to Australia's most northerly point in a 1928 Austin 7 identical to the first expedition vehicle. (See the story in "Latest News")

Australian 7 Desert Crossing
15 vehicles through the centre of Australia's seven deserts.

World Vintage Air Rally
26 antique pre-1950 planes across the world from England to Australia.

Vickers Vimy Recreation
They constructed an exact replica of a 1919 Vickers Vimy bomber with American Peter McMillan and flew it 14,000 miles from UK to Australia to recreate the first flight between those countries. The Vimy was subsequently flown from UK to South Africa and across the Atlantic.
(See National Geographic documentary and the book "The Greatest Flight")

Bert Hinkler Recreation
Lang restored then flew a tiny 1927 Avro Avian biplane from England to Australia to recreate the first solo flight. Bev was the sole administrative support in 18 countries.

Postie Bike Challenge
Lang and Bev organised and led a ride (on tiny 110cc Honda postman's bikes) of 3,000km through the Australian outback for up to 60 riders. This annual event is in its 14th year, now run by their daughter Kylie with her partner Dan. Over $450,000 worth of motor cycles have been donated so far by the riders to Rotary.

Dodge Expedition
After restoring a 1940 Dodge Army Staff Car, they shipped it to Aqaba in Jordan then drove through Syria, Turkey, Greece, Italy and Switzerland to Normandy in France to celebrate the 60th anniversary of D-Day.

Peking to Paris
Lang and Bev, with Warren Brown, recreated the great 1907 Peking to Paris motor race. They gathered the same 5 makes of 1907 cars (Lang restored a fabulous 1907 ITALA as their own vehicle). Setting off from Beijing, with Lang leading the group and Bev doing all the administration, they travelled through China and across the Gobi Desert before entering Siberia for a 12,000km adventure all the way to Paris. All five 100-year-old cars made it to the finish!
(See ABC mini-series and the book "The Great Peking to Paris Expedition")

Around The World Expedition
35,000km in 99 days in a tiny 1969 Fiat 500 Bambino. Bev and Lang drove the smallest car ever to do a world circumnavigation from Vladivostok, Siberia to Anchorage, Alaska.
(See the story and photos in "Latest News")

Istanbul to Normandy Expedition.
Lang and Bev organised and led a group of 16 restored World War Two vehicles from Australia and New Zealand starting in Istanbul, Turkey through Greece, Italy, Switzerland and France to Normandy for the 65th anniversary celebrations of the 1944 D-Day landings.
(See the story and photos in "Latest News" see Driving to D-Day Channel 7)

The Great Sidecar Expedition
In May 2011 Lang and Bev led 20 old Russian Army sidecar motorcycles on a 6,oookm trip from Ukraine through Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Albania to Italy.
(See the story and photos in "Latest News")

The Willys Expedition
In September 2010 Lang and Bev with Carl Neilsen drove a 1915 Willys Overland car 6,000km around outback Queensland to promote Prostate Cancer awareness to folks in the bush. See photos and story on the web site

First Sahara Crossing Recreation
Lang and Bev with Shayne Harris have restored a 1922 Citroen Kegresse Half-track which made the first vehicle crossing of the Sahara. They are going to recreate the first journey from Algeria to Timbuctu, however they are waiting for the civil war in Mali to be resolved before departing. See the website

India Expedition
Lang and Bev spent 7 weeks in an old Suzuki 4X4 travelling the most remote mountain roads in North East India along the Bangladesh and Burma borders.